Jan Wong


  • B.A. The University of Auckland
  • LLB.  The University of Auckland
  • Barrister of the High Court of New Zealand
  • Fluent speaker of English, Cantonese and Mandarin

    (Currently on leave)

Jan Wong practises criminal law with focus on cases involving Interpol, extradition applications, drug trafficking and money laundering.

Her work in a number of criminal cases has made her particularly concerned about the job performance of incompetent Chinese/English court interpreters in the New Zealand justice system. Currently she is conducting a survey on flawed court interpretations and their implications in relation to miscarriage of justice.

Jan brings an astute keen eye to analysing the evidence of the prosecution case, which has enabled her to see the discrepancies that are often found in court interpretation.   In one such case a high court judge was forced to dismiss the jury and order a retrial due to serious mistakes found in the court interpretation, and the accused was ultimately found not guilty and acquitted.   The problem of bilingual evidence haphazardly interpreted in court is endemic in the New Zealand judicial system.   Had it not been for Jan, a truly bilingual counsel capable of pointing out such mistakes to the court in that case, miscarriage of justice would have resulted and both the accused and the justice system would  have suffered.